KOLOK – Your I.T. Distribution Partner

With our ethos and daily operations firmly set in I.T distribution excellence and partner service delivery, KOLOK, a division of Bidvest Paper Plus is proud to be one of the largest distributors of world leading products in various markets in South Africa and parts of southern Africa.

KOLOK’s excellent operations are enabled by its world leading-logistics and warehouse infrastructure which services its national footprint and extends to include its Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana offices.  It also allows us to readily distribute any new products, shaping to meet market requirements and trends. 

Our success is cemented in years of experience; KOLOK was established in 1966 and in the subsequent years grew to eventually join the BIDVEST Group in 1997 as part of the Bidvest Bid Paper Plus Group of Companies.

KOLOK SA is a Level 2 BBEE contributor which means our partners can claim 125% of their procurement value when purchasing from us.

Today, we distribute some of the world’s leading brands and pride ourselves on our professional service and delivery, underscored by superior stock availability and an experienced and dedicated staff contingent. 

Ultimately we endeavour to become an extension of our partners’ business, growing to together to deliver superior services to the markets we serve.

KOLOK Mission

To consistently deliver services and products that provide our valuable partners and customers with superior differentiators in a highly competitive marketplace.

KOLOK Vision

  • Staff: To offer a productive and rewarding workplace environment where our staff can grow and flourish
  • Partners: Provide dedicated services and support that continue to grow and entrench their business 
  • CSI and the Environment: To operate our business in a responsible and sustainable manner.
  • Productivity and growth: Be a highly effective, ethical and growing organisation

KOLOK Value Proposition

  • Exceptional service delivery – quick turnaround time
  • Personalised, focussed customer interaction
  • Dedicated, brand-specific business units​
  • Keeping trend with market needs and developments
  • Investment in skills development
  • World-class technology infrastructure
  • Level 2 BBBEE contributor
  • Entrenched, highly skilled staff contingent

KOLOK Marketing Your Business   

KOLOK’s marketing team’s work is based firmly on a creative, innovative and diverse approach to each of the brands we represent. 

We offer exciting marketing activities driven by personalised services to grow our reseller base’s business and cement their profile in the markets they operate in.  Marketing tools and services include:

  • Signage
  • Incentives
  • Events
  • Training
  • Product features
  • Pamphlets
  • Brochures

Supporting our marketing efforts is our Public Relations activities which ensure that we stay topical in the relevant media outlets which include print, online and broadcast.

KOLOK World-class Distribution Infrastructure

In a highly competitive marketplace, quick turnaround on stock availability, delivery and successful implementation is a major differentiator. As a result, we have invested extensively in our distribution infrastructure which includes a world-class automated technology backbone and sophisticated warehouse system that enables superior stock holding, delivery and turnaround time, making us an extension of your business. 

The system offers exceptional operations that benefit our:

  • Asset management
  • Distribution
  • Cost management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • 3rd Party Logistics

KOLOK’s leading distribution infrastructure forms a key cornerstone of our business and ensures that we play an important role in our partners’ many customer success stories.

KOLOK Industries And Products

We distribute some of the world’s foremost brands in a number of industries and disciplines that in turn ensure superior product delivery to our reseller and retail partners.

KOLOK continues to form new and mutually advantageous relationships that benefit our reseller base. Key sectors across our distribution includes:


KOLOK Financial Results

For KOLOK’s (part of the BIDVEST group of companies) financial results please follow this link http://www.bidvest.co.za

KOLOK Distribution Coverage

Our distribution footprint extends beyond South Africa to include parts of SADC. 

  1. Johannesburg – Head Office
  2. Cape Town
  3. Durban
  4. Port Elizabeth
  5. Bloemfontein
  6. Nelspruit
  7. Polokwane
  8. Namibia
  9. Mozambique
  10. Zimbabwe
  11. Botswana (Sale Office)