The success of IT distribution is based on the sum of its parts. KOLOK is no different and each of our services play a vital role in our daily operations and business success.

Distribution and Logistics 

KOLOK’s ICT warehouse and our subsequent distribution and logistics processes are indisputably the engine room of operations. It features a symbiotic relationship with the entire organisation and our employees staying in tune with the business demands that drive our operations.

To meet these ongoing and evolving demands, our distribution and logistics operations recently underwent a major operations upgrade, catapulting it into the future and effectively setting a new standard for warehousing in its industry.

The distribution and logistics infrastructure now includes an expanded automation backbone which greatly impacts current efficiencies and future proofs operations in the coming years.

Product Management 

KOLOK features a highly skilled and experienced product management team that make it their business to offer entrenched technology, services and solution advice.

Resellers can rest assured that when they interact with our product managers, they will get best and current expertise, advice and support to realise business success.


Keeping trend with product and solution demand is a crucial differentiator and procurement lies at the very heart of this success.

At KOLOK, our procurement team ensures that we are ahead of the curve, not only distributing relevant and must-have products but also listening to our partners and aligning our procurement decisions to meet immediate and future market requirements.


Marketing forms the cornerstone of any brand and product awareness drives. Through KOLOK’s marketing team, vendors and resellers alike benefit from highly effective and executed campaigns that create immediate and impactful awareness.

We offer an innovative and exciting approach to the brands and subsequent marketing activities. KOLOK’s marketing team’s services are customisable, personal and highly effective.

Finance and Administration 

Effective financial and administration operations realise companies’ longevity. KOLOK’s financial and administration teams play an vital role in its daily business and successful operations and relationships.

Human Resources

Employees are the most important resource for any company. At KOLOK, like many other successful companies, we invest in our employees' professional and personal development. The HR team forms a crucial part of this development ultimately leading to a highly productive and happy staff contingent.