Internationally, the sale of dash cams is soaring with vehicle owners increasingly using it as evidence after clashes or crashes with other road users. Similarly, South Africans are starting investigate the benefits of dash cams that not only record road incidence but also offer safety and GPS features.

Meeting the above demand, KOLOK is distributing HP’s range of dash cams to the South African channel which includes the tiny HP f800g, a nifty little camera packed with features that sits perfectly behind most rear view mirrors.  A dash cam is in essence a specialised on -board camera that continuously records whilst a vehicle is in motion.

Says Tanya Twomey, SBU manager at KOLOK: “Dash cams like the range from HP provides real-time and efficient proof of any road incident or any other unexpected event that might happen close to your car.  Furthermore, as HP’s dash cams also provide features such as lane departure warning, it adds an additional layer of safety to your driving.”

Looking at the HP f800g’s features, the dash cam offers a glass lens and infrared filter which results in sharp and realistic images.  The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) image processing technology offers clear images even when recorded in a strong contrast of light and shade environment or dark conditions.

The f800g records video clips in three of five minute chunks – as defined by the owner – to a microSDHC memory card. The standard loop recording technology prevents storage overload by erasing the oldest recorded video and replacing it with the new one.  This continues indefinitely.

The dash cam also features GPS and a Lane Departure Warning System (LWDS) which means when the vehicle is driving faster than 50 km/h, the f800g will scan lane divider lines on the road to produce a warning when your vehicle moves into another lane; effectively providing early warning collision detection.

The HP f800g offers the following features:

  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Full HD: 1920 x 1080@30 fps AND HD:1280 x 720@30 fps / 60 fps
  • Up to 140° Wide Angle Fixed Forced Lens & IR-Filter
  • Aperture F1.9
  • Built-in GPS and G-Sensor
  • Motion Detection
  • Collision Detection
  • Emergency Recording File
  • 9 Level EV Adjustment
  • HDMI output

The HP f800g dash cam is available immediately from KOLOK and comes with a two-year warrantee. 

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